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Located in Northern Santa Barbara County is the cool-climate, Santa Maria Valley AVA. One of four elite districts in the county, its close proximity to the ocean, diverse soils and a dynamic diurnal temperature swing make this region one of California's most lauded sources for Burgundian varietals. The western-most vineyard in the region, located just 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Our Santa Maria Valley Vineyards are planted to the grapes that best maximize its coastal influence. We utilize several clones of each varietal we plant, tailored to the capabilities of specific vineyard blocks.

A heavy marine layer settles on the vineyards in the mornings and evenings, with midday to afternoon typically showing clear skies and temperatures in the high- 80's. This rare balance of fog and sun, with swings of 40 degrees Fahrenheit between day and night, make the region one of few places in the world that maximizes the potential of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Predominantly recessed sea bed, loamy soils, mixed with shaly, sandy and clay profiles are distributed across southfacing plantings that spread over steep hillsides and valley floor blocks.

Each block is trellised according to its needs and pruning and thinning is accomplished mainly by hand. As with all of our farming, sustainability is key and we seek to limit our influence on the land so it will perform to its natural potential.