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The Story: 

Marcel was a real bonvivant, that’s French for a charismatic chap who enjoys the very best in life, especially when it comes to food and drink. He’d go into anyone’s house and make it his home. He was epicurean, dashing, and grand. He was also my grandfather.
One fine day, he met a lady who didn’t like rosé. To win her charm, he crafted the most delightful blend to sweeten her drink and soften her heart. When she finally agreed to taste it, she was swept off her feet. With sand in their toes and stars in their eyes, they were happily hitched.

Maison Marcel is the house where everyone lives life to its highest heights. Here, everyone is a bonvivant and every day is a celebration. As one of the tribe, we invite you to kick back, chill out, and fly.

Crafted with love in Aix-en-Provence. Maison Marcel is a unique take on French rosé. When Grenache and Merlot flirt with the fruit-forward Black Moscato, sweet magic happens. Lychee, peach, and rose notes add a special touch to this magnificent mélange.

Fresh, floral, and divine, there’s no better way to drink rosé.