The Furst

The Furst… Pinot Noir goes through a traditional fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The wine is then aged for 12 months in oak barrels.

Cherry red in color with black tints, The Furst… Pinot Noir is a perfect representation of what Pinot Noir can offer in Alsace when grown on good soil. On the palate the wine is clean and bright, with aromas of red fruits, toasted notes and a full-bodied structure. Excellent with all kinds of meat, game and cheese.

This is a light bodied Pinot Noir, it has a delicate flavor of tart cherry and raspberry with a touch of herbs. The mid palate adds a splash of bright ripe strawberry. There is balanced acidity that runs through the body of the wine. The finish is subdued, but does linger.

The Furst Alsace Pinot Noir is a very different take on Pinot Noir.  Not a complex wine, but it is well made with good structure. A little too light bodied to pair with many dishes, this is more of a late night sipper.